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The company, specifically oriented to design and supply floating structures for recreational yacht moorings and to optimise layout designs for marinas, has gradually widened their involvement in the fixed structures’ sector, plant equipment and structures for specific applications, including those outside the recreational yachting sector.

Today Ingemar designs and builds not only floating pontoons but also civil works, fixed piers and quays, floating breakwaters, specialist platforms and floating crossings as well as pedestals and harbour management systems. With these characteristics the Group promotes itself as an integrated and highly specialised company able to meet all the problems and challenges relating to the construction of floating structures and their connection to dry land, moorings and equipment, in the role of a highly qualified technical and reliable supplier.

The Group’s engagement varies from a simple product supply of structures to the production of large and complex customised projects.

The company’s quality system is certified according to ISO 9001:2008.