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Ingemar was founded in 1979 in Milan, Italy, with the specific aim of specialising in optimising layout designs for marinas and supplying floating structures and accessories for recreational yacht moorings. Head Office is in Milan and their factory, with technical, commercial, administrative and production activity is at Casale sul Sile (TV) near Venice.

For over 40 years of activity in the yachting sector Ingemar has satisfied the requirements of public administrations, private companies and yacht marinas creating new berths with all the necessary service facilities. Their standard production consists of a large range of pontoons and floating breakwaters, fixed quays and service distribution pedestals. The company’s involvement may vary from simply supplying structures to the creation of customised projects for significant and complex assignments. Decades of design and application have rendered Ingemar’s floating structures as reliable, robust and functional: as safe as fixed construction, but more economical and easy to install and relocate. Ingemar’s prefabricated techniques have also been adopted for interesting applications as well as for the creation of fixed piers and quays with excellent results both in quality and for speed of construction and installation.

Ingemar’s affirmation amongst the international sector leadershas been rewarded by many prestigious assignments: floating pontoons for the Genoa Boat Show and recreational ports at Locarno, Hammamet, Kuwait, Corfu, Aqaba, Split and Porto Montenegro are amongst some of the company’s more important and diverse international appointments. Their technical and design flexibility are the company’s main strengths allowing them to successfully undertake the manufacture of specialist structures for the service, transport and industrial fields with a wide diversity of commissions, and to fulfill the specific requirements of large industrial groups and public companies (Enel, Edison, Pirelli Cavi, Agip Petroli, C.N.R. (the Italian National Research Council) and the Italian Navy).
Today the Ingemar Group is one of the international sector’s leaders, able to undertake all problems relating to the construction and installation of customised floating structures, moorings and harbour services, performing the role of qualified technical partner and reliable supplier.

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